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Markets Served


As Telecommunications equipment technology rapidly evolves. OEM/CM are being forced to develop and refurbished telecommunication equipment for alternative, cheaper options but into even more advanced invention. We provide customers with our wide range of designs, micro ranges and types of product capability. We also suggest and input innovative ideas with our many years of experience and nevertheless, we will help clients to achieve their desirable invention.


Electrical Appliance

Electrical appliances involves products like TV, Radio, Fridge, Vacuum Cleaner etc. We are able to provide a wide range of mechanical components (Fastening) or even structural adhesive (Bonding) that offers numerous benefits, such as design aesthetics, vibration dampening, cost savings and the ability to maintain its structural integrity.


Consumer Electronic

Consumer Electronics are electronic equipment intended for everyday use. Style, price, specification, and performance will all be taken into consideration for the consumers. At our end, we offer a wide range of design, cosmetic finishes and specification which will improves aesthetic appeal without compromising functionality.


Data Storage

Since 2010, we established our first precision manufacturing plant in Singapore, we gained trust and confidence from our customers in the HDD industry. Hard disk drive involves technologically complex components, which also means a higher level of quality control in the production segment. Our solutions and advanced manufacturing technology enable us to keep up with the ever-changing designs and yet, maintaining our competitiveness in the market.


Medical & Pharmaceutical

Singapore is a trusted base for companies to manufacture complex and high quality instruments and medical devices for global market. Quality control and quality assurance are vital in this industry. Central to the initiative is the goal of developing cost-effective, innovative and clinically trial-able medical equipment. We are able to meet the most stringent quality requirements and help customer with our innovative products that suits the industry.



An extremely disciplined business model with world-class procedures and policies is necessary to successfully supply the high volume needs to the automotive market. PS Seiko operational performance meets and often exceeds the needs of our customer. Our knowledge of the automotive requirements, together with our certifications and high production capabilities, we assure that we can dependably serve the automotive market.